Tuesday, 17 January 2017

First Win Norwich to Yarmouth Corridor

636 in July last year at Postwick P&R
Major news coming from Dereham today has appeared on VOSA stating a number of changes from Konectbus, including the cancellation of their 7 and X7 route from Norwich to Great Yarmouth via Postwick Park & Ride.

Also cancelled are services 51, 52 and 53.

The Park & Ride site will now be served by a number 5 service which will operate via Thorpe Road and Yarmouth Road to the City Centre, and then onto Queen's Hill in Costessey replacing the 53 service, whilst County Hall will be served by service 500 which will be a 'shuttle' between there and the City Centre. Wroxham will be served by a new 5B service operating between there and Norwich, whilst the 51 has been renumbered 5C and the 52 has been renumbered 5A.

I am told that the current buses branded up for the 7 will be re-vinylled for service 5 and will feature next stop announcements.

The 73 between Caister and Great Yarmouth has also been withdrawn.

These changes are to take affect in about eight weeks time.

Friday, 13 January 2017


Today was a strange day, I arrived at work on a cold clear day and left work on a cold clear day. Imbetween however was a very chaotic, wet, slushy and wintery adventure! It started snowing just after eight o'clock this morning, and I was eager to rush outside into the yard to grab a shot of any bus in the snow as it had been a few years since I had managed that thanks to global warming. It wasn't the best of photos and those who follow the blog on Facebook would've seen it already and will agree that it's not good enough to reproduce here. Anyway the snow soon stopped and melted away but then to my delight, just in time for my break it started again. I jumped on my bike and headed for Heartsease hoping to capture one of the Red Line repaints in service in the wintry conditions and after a twenty minute wait I was successful.

Mission completed I pedaled back to work. Upon arrival I was asked to take some parts up to Vulcan Road which meant the gridlocked ring road would host my first 'driving in snow' experience. It took more than thirty minutes to complete the two mile journey, and when I got there I was informed that a bus had stopped on Ketts Hill to let a car out and then couldn't get moving again due to the treacherous conditions. I was sent out to the rescue with a shovel and piles of grit but by the time I arrived the snow had slowed down and the bus had found its own way out. 

Excitement over, I asked on Twitter and Facebook that people got in touch with their snowy bus and coach photos from the day and I was inundated with pictures past and present! Adrian Hughes was in Ipswich today and sent a number of images featuring Ipswich Buses and FirstIpswich in the flurries, whilst Leon Wells sent in an image of one of Ipswich Buses' newest members of the fleet in the form of a Mercedes-Benz Citaro which is pictured on a housing estate. Back in Norwich, Dan High had a rather snowy ride into the city centre onboard his Yellow Line branded Plaxton President.

Adrian Hughes

Adrian Hughes

Leon Wells

Dan High
I'm sorry to have made such a fuss over the weather today, but when you haven't seen this much snow in four years, or managed to photograph a snowy bus picture in nearly as long, I think my excitement is justified. We only had a short window to take these pictures as once again Norfolk is looking very un-white but in case the snow returns, here's one for Steve W: "Be careful out there."

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Fleet Update: Lynx

Thanks to Lynx for confirming that they have taken delivery of another Optare Spectra, though this time on loan from Midland Classic. R2NEG is numbered 41 in the Staffordshire operator's fleet and will be in Norfolk for approximately five weeks.

R2NEG photographed in Burton on New Year's Eve

Friday, 6 January 2017

More Movements at First

I was getting bored of the "Fleet Update" term, it's so repetitive don't you think? Anyway, as the title of this post suggests, yesterdays post is out of date. Already. Yes, I'm not pleased about it either which is why I've taken time out of my Friday evening to update all my lovely readers.

33156, 33146, and 33149 minus 33158 parked up
ready for collection at Roundtree Way
Dennis Trident Plaxton Presidents 33146 LR02LXB, 33149 LR02LXH, 33156 LR02LXP and 33158 LR02LXT are due to leave Roundtree Way in Norwich for their new home with First Hampshire & Dorset tomorrow. Yes you heard right, 33158. Yesterday I reported that it was being sent to Great Yarmouth for a while but this plan changed before it even made it to the coastal town. Instead, Norwich's Volvo B7TL versions 32213 LT52WTW (which has been on loan at Great Yarmouth) and sister 32214 LT52WTX (which has also been on loan at Great Yarmouth but arrived back in Norwich last month) have been transferred there permanently.

To cover replace these at Norwich, Red Line repaint 36196 BN12JYW arrived back in Norfolk today, with sister 36197 BN12WNX due back towards the end of next week.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Fleet Update: FirstGreat Yarmouth and FirstLowestoft

First Great Yarmouth have today acquired another double decker, on loan. 33158 LR02LXT was withdrawn from Norwich last month and is awaiting transfer to Hampshire & Dorset but it has been drafted in to help out in the Norfolk seaside town before it makes its way south. Here she is pictured leaving Roundtree Way depot this afternoon.

At Lowestoft, Volvo B7TL Alexander ALX400s 30887 W742DWX and 30902 W757DWX have been withdrawn and sent to Great Yarmouth for storage as they are not DDA compliant. In return, Great Yarmouth have sent 30900 W774DWX and 30901 W756DWX to Suffolk as they are compliant with the new regulations.

30887 shortly after transferring to Eastern Counties from Essex

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Fleet Update: Anglianbus and Konectbus

V161MEV outside East Norfolk Sixth Form College
when numbered 512 operating in 2013
First of all, I'd like to wish all my readers a happy new year, and a welcome to the seventh year of Norwich Bus Page. If you're wondering where the January fleet lists are, they are still waiting to be uploaded. UPDATE: They are now online! (click here). If I'm being complete honest the reason I didn't upload them in time for a midnight release as per usual is because I was somewhere in West Norfolk drinking some vodka...which makes me sound like an alcoholic until you remember the significance of January 1st! Anyway, I will endeavour to have them uploaded by the end of today but already two of them will be out of date as changes have already happened in the Go East Anglia fleet.

Konectbus have acquired another single deck vehicle from Anglian with Optare Versa 305 YJ60KGU joining sister 306 YJ60KGV at Dereham which was transferred in December. This has got to be the third or fourth time these two buses have swapped fleets in the last couple of years. More suprisingly though, is the movement west of Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400 740 V161MEV. I believe this to be the first of it's type to operate with the company and it is being used on a shuttle service between Postwick Park & Ride and Aviva on the Broadland Business Park.

To replace these buses at Anglian, the Beccles-based company have reinstated another Optare Solo, in the form of 954 YN57HPU. The above changes have reduced the operating fleet size down to 27 buses.

954 in Mundham operating the 86 to Norwich before Simonds took over last year.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Four In, Four Out

FirstNorwich have withdrawn four more of their Dennis Trident Plaxton Presidents, with the victims heading to First Hampshire & Dorset. These are the following:
33149 back in her Yellow Line days

33146 LR02LXB
33149 LR02LXH
33156 LR02LXP
33158 LR02LXT

These withdrawals are due to the arrival of four more ex-Leeds B9TL Wright Eclipse-Gemini 2s, in the form of 36199 BN12WNZ, 36200 BN12WOA, 36201 BN12WOB and 36202 BN12WOC. These are to be branded up with standard Network Norwich vinyls to be used on any route in the network.

36199, 36200 and 36202. The fourth was already inside the garage being prepped.