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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Special Post ~ Further Afield ~ Liam Contribution

On a cold Febuary morning, I visited Chichester and Bognor Regis. All these photos are my own and are copyrighted.

Once arrived, we settled into the bus station, and started taking photos. My first photo was of Chichester’s ADL Enviro 400 Fleet No.10008 (GX12 DXP) operating the 700 Coastliner to Felpham from Portsmouth. This bus has now reportedly been painted into the new Coastliner 700 livery, but not fully.

My next find was Chichester’s ADL Enviro 300 Fleet No.27742 (GX11 AKV) operating the 60 from Midhurst to Bognor Regis via Chichester.

After this, Lucas and I caught the 700 Coastliner to Bognor Regis. It was a lovely ride, despite some other youths on the top deck throwing sweets at people! Anyway, here is Chichester’s ADL Enviro 300 Fleet No.27655 (GX10 KZH) operating the 60 from Chichester to Bognor Regis

Next, after a spot of lunch and a wander around Bognor Regis, we caught the 700 back to Chichester, to photograph some more buses. Here is the newly introduced ADL Enviro 300 Fleet No.37271 (SL64 HXF) operating the 53 from the Witterings to Chichester.

Here is our next catch, Chichester’s Optare Solo Fleet No.47644 (GX58 GJO) operating the 50 from Chichester to Graylingwell. Rumour has it that this bus may be cascaded to Aldershot’s depot in the near future.

Here is the final photo worth mentioning, Chichester’s ADL Pointer 2 Dennis Dart SLF Fleet No.35252 (GX56 0GC) operating the 50 from Tangmere to Chichester. This bus is advertised in the route 55 branding however.

Overall, the trip was a lovely day out. As I am new to bus photography, these were my first few photos of buses, I think they came out rather well for a beginner. I would certainly recommend Chichester Bus Station as a photography point, as for rail enthusiasts, you have the West Coastway line running alongside, which provides a great spot for photographing various trains running along that line.

It's nice to see the bus scene from further afield, and to see the beachball Stagecoach variant of the livery (rather than Norfolk Green style!)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Further Afield & Update

Following the demise of Western Greyhound, as seen on the news fairly frequently so far, many of their fleet passed over to First or the council (Who took the services over, along with some of the staff). But what about the rest of the fleet? Well, some have been bought by Ensign, but have been loaned elsewhere. For example, WK11APO, on loan to Yeovil SouthWest Coaches. An Interesting Read

Also, Fellow blogs report the introduction of YN55PZE, now at Anglian. See links in the sidebar!

Also, 36180 was on the 8 today. It was on the 1 yesterday, as reported in yesterday's post!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Fleet ~ IpswichBuses and AnglianBus

Please visit Steve's page for photos of Ipswich Buses X93LBJ, which has returned to Suffolk is now in Ipswich bus new livery. X98LBJ is be believed to be repainted next. Also, YN55PZF, ex-metrobus, has arrived at Anglian Bus Beccles. You may remember us posting pictures earlier this year?

Also, 36180 from the Norwich depot is on the 1 today (16:10 ENSFC - Martham). It's assumed to be on loan due to a bus shortage, which isn't helped by the numerous College (881/882 often run from Great Yarmouth, and also 1/1A), school (809, etc...) & BM contracts (1 & 2) from the depot. 65588 is out of service at present, and 2 ALX400s at Repaint (although 60618/22 are on loan), which isn't helping this situation.

Finally, a few articles that are worth a read:
  • Anglian GasBus WX62HGG has sustained rear damage, and FJ09DXE at the front -http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/acle_straight_reopens_after_bus_and_coach_crash_on_a47_injuring_three_people_1_4005308
  • And Norwich traffic - http://www.edp24.co.uk/home/motoring/heavy_traffic_and_bus_delays_cause_commuter_woes_in_norwich_this_morning_as_roadworks_continue_1_4006394

Monday, 23 March 2015

Fleet ~ FirstGreatYarmouth

Cameron, from YarmouthBusPage, has been in touch. He informs us that "42921 EU05AUN, which was believed to be on loan from FirstGreatYarmouth, will remain at Norwich, and will be repainted very shortly. In return, another Eclipse Single decker will move to Great Yarmouth, taking them up to four!

Friday, 20 March 2015

What could've been...

After visiting Asda at Great Yarmouth earlier this morning, in my college free, I thought it was a perfect time to sample the Free Asda shuttle, back into Market Gates. But unfortunately, it didn't go to plan.

After a short wait, S350SET, a Scania L94UB Wright Axcess Floline, pulled up. This bus is generally used most. As I went to board, I thought to myself "great, finally chance to experience my FIRST EVER Ambassador Travel Journey". Obviously, I'd never even been on this bus before, and wasn't set to after the driver alighted, abandoning the bus.

After a quick query ("when will you be returning"). His reply, " I'm not. Another drivers taking over". He walked off whilst I was mid-sentence to ask when that would be, and before I knew it had made it into his car. An absolutely rude member of staff. Would've been my 1st ever Ambassador journey, but I think it may have also been my last!
Not only that, but to Abandon a bus, leaving the doors open, to go off home, when another driver might not show up for hours.

This situatuon proves the point that first impressions really do count, and this is the overall moral of this post. It's vital to keep your customers happy in order for them to return. In this case, it's down to 1 individual who's ruined the reputation in my eyes of a small independent company who probably do need the custom!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Gap In Market; Up In Smoke

Short post from me as I haven't got the time. Firstly, 32061 is back for FirstGreatYarmouth. It was on the 1A 16:05 College to Martham today & Wednesday, and on the 8 yesterday.

Heading further afield this evening, Cornish operator Western Greyhound ceased trading today, after being unable to afford vehicle insurance. This follows a fire at their depot, which you may remember, unfortunately destroying 35 buses from their fleet. WG operated a number of local bus services & school connections (using mainly Optare Solos) around rural parts of Cornwall, but today, many were stranded. Other vehicles they operated include Optare Versas, Enviro 400s & Mercedes Varios.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Team Break

We're taking a short break. But don't threat, we're back towards the end of the montb! So we'd like to conclude this extremely short post with a farewell for now - speak soon, have a great week, and it won't be long until I return!

PS - 32061 (corporate livery, with BIG Yarmouth branding) & 34186 was on the college 1A & 1 this evening. 32064 is on the 8.


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Day Out ~ Part 3 ~ Norwich

Welcome to the final part of this visit!
Recently Transferred 45117 leads on a First Olympia Livery Trident.
Sister EU08FHB 44928 has just received Purple Line branding! 

47507, leading on one of the KonectBus Versas, soon set to tranfer back to Anglian, minutes prior to 42921 passing (missing some of it's rear Yarmouth College advert)

Spot the Enviro 200?

Unfortunately, Some of my photos didn't come out too well, but I'll definitely make another visit to Norwich to photograph the latest FirstBus repaints!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Fleet ~ FirstGreatYarmouth

Welcome to the latest FirstBus Fleet Update, for FirstGreatYarmouth & FirstLowestoft. Firstly, 32064 is back at Great Yarmouth depot for MOT, and will return to Rotherham once it's complete, whilst 32058 went to Rotherham in return.

As reported on the EastNorfolkBusBlog, Yarmouth's 32061 W261XBD didn't return this week as expected (but will next week). Instead, 30901 W756DWX has come back, bound for the FirstLowestoft depot.

30889 W744DWX is also now at Rotherham, and that just leaves 30888 to go to Rotherham. Then the Lowestoft ALX400 fleet are complete!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Day Out ~ Part 2

We were very lucky upon arrival at Lowestoft. Within 5 minutes of alighting our Enviro400 on the X1, we saw both remaining Enviro 200s (longer wheel base than the 4 sisters now at Norwich), which luckily parked behind each other. These have to be my photos of the day.....

We then saw 32629 pull up on the 1, 30888 W743DWX on the X2, and 43466 R466CAH (which often sees use on the 881/882 college service) & EY05FYP 43459 preparing for town services.
33821 - still without rear branding
On the AnglianBus front at Lowestoft, solo MX58XDB has a new side panel, which doesn't quite fit the lines of the livery and is probably from one of its sisters.
43466 still sees use

Part 3 will show photos from Norwich, after catching the X2 there.