Friday, 19 August 2016

Blog Notice

Just so everybody is aware, I am going on holiday for two weeks tomorrow so the blog is unlikely to be updated unless I stumble across some news whilst I'm away or if something major happens; in which case I'll take a bus ride to use the free WiFi in order to update you all... anyway I'm going to Cornwall for the first week where I will be trying to spot some of Eastern Counties' recently transferred vehicles, and then I'm off to Scotland on the second week via Taunton, Bristol, Worcester, Stoke, Blackpool and the Lake District, whilst I'll be passing through Yorkshire on the way home. So hopefully I'll have quite a few bits and bobs to post about on my return which will be Sunday the 4th of September.

This also means the fleet lists will not be updated on the 1st of the month like they usually are, but it does mean I'll have photos like the one below to share, which I look forward to doing so. I wish you all a happy two weeks doing whatever you'll be doing, and I'll see you all soon! Bye for now!

Monday, 15 August 2016

BorderBus New Services

103 BB09BUS (MX10DXR)
BorderBus started operating two new services today. The 580 operates between Bungay and Great Yarmouth via Beccles, and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to photograph the first working coming into the seaside town. Unfortunately though, as always seems to be the case when you need something to work out, the destination screen wasn't captured but I have still posted the photo as it shows a BorderBus in Great Yarmouth for possibly the first time!

The other route BorderBus have taken on is the Beccles Town Service. Anglianbus have operated the route for many years; previously numbered C1 and C2, they were then renumbered 82 and 82A in September 2013. That didn't last long though as soon after the 82A was dropped just leaving one circular route around town. On the 24th of July this year, Anglian stated that the service was not viable and would operate one circular trip on Fridays only. Weeks later and it was cancelled altogether, with BorderBus taking up the reigns and restoring the six-day-a-week service, with four journeys daily.

Both routes now have groups on Flickr which you can upload your photographs of the services to; which can be accessed by clicking here or via the Gallery tab, and then click on BorderBus.

AnglianBus 218 AO02LVC on the C2 in January 2013

Friday, 12 August 2016

Fleet Update: FirstNorwich

33007 at Roundtree Way this morning
A couple of vehicle movements to report today are that Blue Line Gemini 36175 BD11CFZ returned back from repaint this week, with 36178 BD11CDX going the other way. She joins sister 36170 BD11CFP at Simon Morris in Ipswich. Also to report are the withdrawals of Dennis Trident Plaxton Presidents 33004 LK51UZT and 33007 LK51UZE. Both will be transferred to Cornwall on Friday next week, and currently sit on reserve. Arriving in Norwich though are two Volvo B7TL versions from Great Yarmouth in the shape of 32213 LT52WTW and 32214 LT52WTX. Both were in service today but it is believed these too are destined for the South West.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Enviro400s for Anglianbus - UPDATED

Anglianbus have confirmed to me yesterday that there are no new buses due. The Enviro400s mentioned in the article on RouteOne magazine refers to Konect's six ex-Park & Ride buses which are now on the 7 route between Great Yarmouth and Norwich.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Enviro400s for Anglianbus

Route One Magazine has published an article today confirming that all twelve of Anglian's MAN 18.270 EcoCity's are set to transfer to Plymouth Citybus by the end of the year. To replace them, it states that the company have told the magazine that they are to upgrade the routes the gas buses work on to double deckers, namely Alexander Dennis Enviro400s. More when we get it.

Pictured: 106 AU62DWN in Ditchingham last week.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Fleet Update: FirstNorwich

Over the weekend, all seven of Norwich's Green Line liveried Wright StreetLites had the new style branding applied, and re-hit the road today looking very smart indeed. Dan High has supplied these photographs:

In other news, Dennis Trident Plaxton President 33151 LR02LXK has been transferred to Cornwall.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Fleet Update: Anglianbus

455 in Bungay early this year.
More fleet changes from Anglian were published on their website yesterday, but we'll start with Konect where Optare M920 Solo 901 VX51RJZ has been reinstated from withdrawn. Back to Anglian, and their feet has been reduced to thirty buses. Dennis Tridents 712 T812RFG and 740 V161MEV have been withdrawn, whilst Scania OmniLinks 450 YN07LFU, 451 YN07EZB, 454 YT11LVF and 455 AN61LAN are also stood down from service. Optare M950SL Solo 959 AU08GLY has been reinstated.