Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Lynx to launch new bus service

Thanks to Lynx for sending me the following:

"Bus passengers in West Norfolk will soon benefit from new direct buses operating between King’s Lynn, Heacham & Hunstanton.

2 YJ55BJE in King's Lynn last year.
From Tuesday 29th March Lynx will launch new Service 36 which will be timed to meet trains from Cambridge London at King’s Lynn Railway Station and then after the Bus Station continue direct to Heacham and Hunstanton. The new hourly service will compliment Lynx’s existing 35 route meaning that the company, now one year old, will operate three buses per hour each way between King’s Lynn and Hunstanton.

Julian Patterson, Director of Lynx said “We’ve been inundated with feedback from customers since Stagecoach Norfolk Green withdrew their direct service to Hunstanton last year, so we’ve listened to their feedback and I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be providing a new service that takes just over 35 minutes to reach the seaside”.

Lynx also recently introduced an Oyster style smartcard named holdall, meaning that
customers receive discounted travel when they top-up online before travelling.

You can find for information at www.lynxbus.co.uk"

Norwich School Bus on Ebay

a screenshot of the ebay advert
As East Norfolk Bus Blog reported last week, one of Norwich School's old double deckers has cropped up in Great Yarmouth for sale. The Volvo Citybus is registered H653GPF and has been replaced by one of Norse's ex-Park & Ride Plaxton Presidents. A member of NBP's facebook page later informed me that the vehicles is being advertised on ebay, and at the time of writing, the bid stood at just £820! If I had enough savings I'd buy it myself but unfortunately my dream of owning a bus will have to wait a bit longer. 

Click here to go over to the ebay advertisement where you can see plenty more photos of the vehicle.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Simonds 85/86 Update

It's been a while since it was announced that Simonds of Botesdale would be taking over Anglian's route 85 which operates between Norwich and Loddon, and their 86 which runs from the City to Haddiscoe.

Simonds MX11JYP seen in Debenham back in 2014
It's been widely discussed as to what buses Simonds would use to operate the service. It was questioned whether they have enough buses to run it with their current fleet or if they would have to acquire a couple of Anglian's vehicles, but I can now confirm that they will operate the services with their own vehicles. Although there aren't any official allocations as of yet, they're most likely to be ran by their two 11 registered Enviro200s.

Thanks to Simonds for the info.

Timetables for revised services are now on their website. Click here to see the 85, or here for the 86.

NBP can now provide a Simonds fleet list! Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to find it.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Red Line to be Replaced

36178 BD11CDX will soon have an all-blue front
Chris Speed has confirmed that Norwich's repaint scheme will continue this year. As said before, the Pink Line will receive a batch of nine Wright StreetDecks next month to replace the Presidents currently on the route. Seven of those will be branded with the pink fronts, whilst two will wear the standard livery.

I've had lots of questions recently regarding the Red Line and the Blue Line imparticular and I can now confirm that that the Red Line vehicles should be replaced this year but I can't say what by or when. I can say however that what has been rumoured on various social media sites is caterogically not true. Over on the Blue Line, the fleet of Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse-Gemini 2s are expected to begin their repaint programme in April.

Thanks to Chris for the info.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Fleet Update: Anglianbus

©Jack Benee
Jack Benee reports that Hedingham's 712 T812RFG, a Dennis Trident East Lancs Lolyne has returned to Anglian. The vehicle was transferred to the Beccles-based company from Brighton & Hove back in 2012.

He's kindly allowed me to use his photo which is reproduced to the left here, seen at Anglian's depot shortly after arrival.

It is believed to be a permanent transfer.

Turquoise Line on the 27s Explained

© Grahame Bessey
In response to my Rare Spots post which I published a few days ago, I was contacted by a member of the team at First in Norwich who explains the reasoning behind the presence of the Turquoise Line bus on the 27. 

"The turquoise single decker normally operates an X1 relief from Dereham at 0750, and then moves on to the 27s during the day. Then it operates the 1645 service 13 to Spixworth and then spends the rest of the day on the 13A and 13B. I am surprised no one has picked up on it before now since this has been the case since the 4th of January. We have two turquoise single deckers but we cannot use both on the 13 because loadings are such that we need the double deckers on five of the six workings. The 27 doesn't have a colour, but we needed to use the second turquoise single decker somewhere so this seemed the best option in the short term. It may go back on Attleborough in due course but seats are more important that colours!"

He also mentions that the early morning X13 service from Attleborough is operated by a plain liveried B9 Gemini before starting work on the University services for the day.

Thanks to my contact for explaining this and allowing me to use his words on this post and to Grahame Bessey for allowing me to use his photograph. His flickr can be found here.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Sanders Duo in Service

The latest arrivals at Sanders of Holt have both entered service recently, and I was lucky enough to stumble across both of them today. The buses are 401 YH63CXE and 402 YH63CXF. Both are VDL SB200 Wright Pulsar 2's and previously operated for John Fishwick & Sons until they ceased trading in October.

401 in Great Yarmouth operating their service 6 from North Walsham
402 just pulling away from St Stephen's in Norwich having just dropped passengers off.