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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lynx Update

Not much to report this week, so I'll get the Great Yarmouth FleetList sorted for you all. I might as well summarise Lynx Bus, as I didn't fully explain in the last post. Lynx operate ONLY a service 35 at present (between Kings Lynn & Hunstanton, via Snettisham, up to once every hour). 
Thanks to Dan Whiting for photo permissions. Much appreciated. 
Their FleetList consists of 4 Optare Tempos (YJ05JWZ, YJ55BJE, YJ55BKK, YJ55BKU) and P330RVG (A Plaxton Premier. I also looked on their Twitter feed and it seems they have a few more Tempo buses on the way! 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Omni Dekkas ~ Go-Ahead Group

We're proud to confirm the registration numbers of a few of the ex-Metrobus Scania Omnidekkas bound for AnglianBus. These are YN55PZC and YN55PZF, which are *speculated* to be numbered 1501 and 1504. They were 901 & 904 when with MetroBus.

YN55PZD & YN55PZE are both also believed to be bound for AnglianBus to take the numbers to 4.

Meanwhile, 3 of their sisters will go to Hedingham, a sister group of Anglian, which is also owned by the Go-ahead group (not to be confused with those popular yoghurt snacks ;-)). These are believed to be YN06JYC/D/E

NorwichBuses just beat me to publishing this! 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sighting 65588, V588DVF ~ On Loan to FirstGreatYarmouth

This morning I sacrificed not catching an Enviro 400 (On the College 1A) & waiting an additional 5 minutes for an Olympian on the additional morning 1 service (Martham to James Paget). The Olympian was 34114

On my way home from college I was shocked when 65588 pulled up on the 7, especially after yesterday when I never seemed to get a photo! With no time to get my phone out (only camera I had at the time), I jumped on board. It's surprising how smooth the route was. Upon arrival into Yarmouth Market Gates, the lighting was terrible. This was the only reasonable photo I could get, pushed for time as she would depart seconds later, to Bradwell on the 6. She's now on the 10:40 approximately Yarmouth to Bradwell.

Unfortunately my phone camera isn't too good, so this photo will have to do for now! ;-)

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Fleet & Odd Allocations ~ FirstGreatYarmouth ~ Wed 11th Feb 2015

A number of rare (but not uncommon) allocations took place today on the FirstGreatYarmouth network. 
On the 6 to Bradwell, 60618
The day began seeing Scania 65588, V588DVF on the 8. It's continued it's whole day on this route and I will endeavour to photograph it (although it seems an Olympian, 34111, has taken it's place). 66301 is back at Norwich as a result of the arrival of 65588

34114 on Bernard Matthews Contracts
Sorry about the poor quality images, the shutter on my camera was playing up. It didn't react as quick as it normally does!

Also to report, Volvo Wright 66344 was on the 2... Although you can't make out the rear desti on this photo anyway :-(

Finally, it seemed the 16:05 East Norfolk Sixth Form to Martham (1A) service was cancelled. This is likely due to an incident that took place yesterday involving a President outside the Caister Road depot, leading to vehicle shortage? 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Fleet ~ FirstGreatYarmouth & FirstLowestoft

Since our last update, Yarmouth's 32061 W221XBD (An ALX400) has had its stickers removed so it's ready for repaint. 32064 W224XBD is also in the same process and, like 32061, will return in the Olympia FirstBus livery once finished with at Rotherham.
32061 at Rotherham, ready for a coat of paint! © Roger Bellward
When 32061/4 return, 32058 W218XBD and 32063 W223XBD will be next in line to be sent away from the Caister Road Great Yarmouth depot. I'll aim to keep you updated, with photos where possible.
Copyrighted to Roger Bellward - Many thanks!
Over at Lowestoft, 30900 W774DWX left this morning for DDA modifications at Rotherham, and heading back the other direction was 30886. 

Thanks to Roger for the photos. And as soon as a few buses return I will endeavour to photograph them! Keep your eyes pealed these upcoming weeks! 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Operator Update ~ Norfolk & Suffolk

Unfortunately for you lot, there hasn't been much to report this week on the bus scene for the region. So this post will just be a summary of news from the past few weeks.....

FirstBus: Steve's blog reports that AU05DMF 69006 is now back at Ipswich, and as a result the Ipswich repaint programme is complete. So, now 2 ALX400s from both Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft are at Rotherham for repaint as previously reported, so these depots will now be in the limelight! 60622 & 60818 have seen use on a variety of routes this week, mainly 1, 1A, 5, 6, 7 & 8. Finally for FirstBus, I was shocked to see 66341 on the 2 during thw week! 

Over at the Go-Ahead group, I'm not aware of much news other than that reported on NorwichBusesBlog, Steve's page & other local blogs. There's no point in reposting this news as all the blogs will just look identical, so take a look over there. 

And to conclude this weeks posts on NBP, IpswichBuses are using a loaned Mercedes Benz demonstrator for some of their routes. 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Change Of Scenery

 This afternoon, I was shocked to see FirstBus 66301, a Norwich based GreenLine Branded Eclipse, on the 6 to Bradwell. I'd assumed it had just had an MOT and had been pushed into service due to a shortage of fleet. But later today, I had a message from Danny Whiting (along with a photo) that 42921, a Yarmouth Based Dart, in service in Norwich on the purple line. Also worth noting today, DX57SXG & an Olympian on the college 881/882 this evening, 66341 on the 6 & 66344 on the 2 in Great Yarmouth.
© Danny Whiting

19:00 Update:
It's now been confirmed that 42921 is on loan to FirstNorwich whilst E200 44517 receives repairs. Doesn't explain why 66301 is at Great Yarmouth on loan though! See more on the ENBB

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

AbellioGreaterAnglia ~ Weekend Work

Over the weekend (31st Jan & 1st Feb) railway replacement buses operated between Ipwich/Colchester & Chelmsford/Billericay (Essex), Marks Tey & Sudbury and Southminster to Billericay. A vast amount of coaches were out, and this post will express a few.

EnsignBus AL400 864DYE, Fords of Althorne East Lancs Lolyne W80BUS, Stephensons Essex Enviro400 EU13EBL and FirstEssex President V855HBY (32855) were a few of the buses sighted by others between Billericay & Southminster.

Thanks to Lewis Brownlow for photo permission....
Copyrighted to Lewis Brownlow 

More local to us, FirstBus 20514/5 were both deployed to operate from Ipswich & Colchester, along with Kings Ferry; National Express Levantes, Panther Travel & other local operator vehicles.

There certainly was a mixed selection of buses out. Photos included belong (and are copyrighted) to those mentioned in captions.

These railway works continue each weekend up until Mid-March. More on my own page, EastAngliaRailScene (link in sidebar).

Monday, 2 February 2015

Fleet ~ Hedingham Bus

A short post this evening regarding fleet news from further afield than usual....
Many thanks to Mike; EHBusman ~ Who's great photo this is! 
In addition to the 4 Scania Deckers for Go-Ahead subsidary AnglianBus, Hedingham (also owned by Go-ahead) have also taken a few too. This includes YN06JYD, ex-Metrobus, which is currently at H&D trim for refurbishment (removing central door & repaint).
Photo is copyrighted to Mike (EHBusman). Many thanks!

Fleet Update ~ FirstNorwich

As reported on fellow blogs, Scania Wright Access Floline V588DVF (fleet number 65588) has transferred to FirstNorwich on a short term loan (owing to fleet/vehicle issues caused by adverse weather. Once finished with, it's believed to be preserved at the Ipswich Transport Museum whilst it's sisters will be stored at FirstNorwich.

Thanks Dan for this amazing photo of 65588 in the snow at Norwich! Photos of course remain copyrighted to the contributor :-)