Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Swift Breakdown!

AE07NZC on Service 29 in May 2011
Swift taxis reported to have alot of hassle yesterday when there usual FJ53VDL usually on the 29 Service was not seen on route on Tuesday morning, Not any bus for that matter as passengers waiting for the swift bus TO Wroxham were forced to head back home after around 40 minutes waiting! soon after passengers going home a smaller swift bus reported at Blofield apparently a replacement bus, however this seemed to be to late as everyone had already gone home. So after seeing a minibus go through I went to investigate to see what bus had broken down and to my surprise it was not the usual swift bus for the 29 bus FJ53VDL its was AE07NZC. So FJ53VDL was probably maintenance AE07NZC was a replacement that broke down so a minibus came to the rescue! hopefully all  is back to normal on Thursday i am a fan of Swift Coaches Gt.Yarmouth