Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The New Wroxham Bus

The 29 Service to Wroxham which operates Tuesdays & Thursdays and serves Moulton, Blofield, Brundall and Lingwood was operated by Amza / Travel Royall for some years, until December 2009 when the company was took over by Swift Taxis they operated until now, Swift have withdrawn the service for reasons so far unknown, but there is now a similar Service stared by OurBus (South Birlingham) the 292 Serves Wroxham, Blofield, Lingwood, Reedham and Moulton but only operates Tuesdays, so at least  it still runs!

A full timetable is available Here

Belpow our some photos of the Wroxham Bus through the years

AMZA FJ53VDL in 2009 on the 29 Service

Swift Taxis FJ53VDL in 2010 on the 29 Service

Swift Taxis BX54VUM in 2011 on the 29 Service

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