Saturday, 26 November 2011

Norwich Bus Round Up

First off, First Eastern Counties 37571 AU58ECV on the X1coming from Yarmouth heading to Norwich.

Second, Anglianbus 412 AU08DKN Versa on the A47 coming from Yarmouth heading to Norwich.

First Eastern Counties 66959 WX55TXW being used on 17 Service operating between Blofield Heath & Norwich.

Anglianbuses New Scania Omnilinks AN61BUS & AU61AVK both being used on the 123 Service operating between Wroxham & Norwich.
                                  (Many thanks to Roy Northcott at eastnorfolkbus for picture)

Finally Anglianbus 407 YJ06FZK Tempo being used on the A47.
Anglianbus Vario T200CBC resting between duties on the 587 operating between Porringland Norwich.

First Eastern Counties 36172 BD11CFV being used on the 25 Service.

Many Thanks jemjam88 on Flickr for the use of some of the above pictures.

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