Friday, 4 November 2011

Significant Changes to Anglian buses Fleet

Once again checking the Anglian Fleet List i found more notable changes.

First off is Anglian have acquired another Optare Solo from the Veolia Group YN04LWP has been given Fleet Number 326 and will be based at the Rackheath Depot.

Second Angian have acquired another Dennis Trident ALX 400 V161MEV has been given Fleet Number 512 and will be based at Beccles.

Third, Wrights Axcess R84EMB, R85EMB & R86EMB have been withdrawn and will soon be making their way to Mulleys Coaches, Leaving R81EMB & R82EMB as spares at Rackheath.

Fourth, Anglians 2nd batch of Scania OmniLinks have arrived, AN61LAN 439, AN61BUS 440, AU61AVK 441 . 439 is for Beccles, and 440 + 441 is for Rackheath.

Anglian also have three more Scania OmniLinks on order for deivery from SCANIA very soon they are , YT61FFA, YT61FFB, YT61FFC expected to be split between the two Depots

Anglian 109 C2K 282 Dennis Javelin Plaxton has been moved to Rackheath for School Runs around Norwich.

Solos KX53SBY & KX53SBZ have returned to Dawsons Rental.

Solo 303 YJ51XSM has been transferred to Beccles.

Previously this year Anglian acquired 3 Versas AU11EPE, AU11EPF, AU11ESG for Beccles.

Two Scania OmniLinks, YT11LVE, YT11LVF for Beccles.        

Four Dennis Tridents X251NNO, X309NNO, X384NNO for Beccles, and X386NNO for Rackheath.

For more information see the Official Anglianbus Fleet List for October 2011.    

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