Friday, 23 December 2011

Review of 2011

2011 has been an Interseting year for Norwich buses, weve seen First Eastern Counties Darts being moved, and alot more eclipses appearing now. Norwich has also more recently seen Solars being sqeezed in from Colchester and Essex which has gave Norwich buses quite an interseting new look.

 AnglianBus have had their fair share of changes, they aqquired 14 New buses through out the year, 8 of which were brand new (11/61 reg) and the have also helped Nowich buses have a more modern look, another bus Angian aquired for Norwich was Ex Veolia YN04LWP Optare Solo wich added to ever growing number of Solos wih are apperaing arond Norwich. The other newly aquited buses were Five Ex London Tridents, which made a change for Anglian to have that type of bus, unfortynatley only one of those Tridents willbe opersting around Norwich.

That rings us to Another Norwich operator that have been acquiring Ex London buses, Yes I am referring to Konectbus, whom introduced the Bendy-Bus to Norwich, they acquired Eight of them from London , they had started seeing service just before the end of 2011, these Bendy-Buses have started to give Norwich a very interesting change of appearance.

Moving away a bit from Norwich is an operator whick the Norwich Bus Page follows, that is Swift Coaches of Great Yarmouth, who we saw sell a considerable amoutnt of thir bus fleet in August, two of which were Ex Amza buses which aquired in 2009 when they took over the company. Since the sale we have seen Swift aqire a new Plaxton Premiere (491 JVX) Ex Wallace Arnold. Also notable change from Swift this year was how they no longer run the 29 Service to Wroxham, but OurBus picked up the Service and Re-branded it as 292.

Going back to First Eastern Couties we also saw them acquire 15 New Gemini 2's for the popular Norwich services 25 & 35, which I think have been a great sucess. More recently BD11CDZ was transferred for tempory X1 works.

Also with First Eatern Counties we have seen the number of Plaxton Presidnts in Norwich storm, they have literally taken over the Castle Meadows in the last year, only X2 seemed to be getting a bit bored with Presidents and the occasionl Olympian or Palatine and due to a few breakdowns with the presidents on that route they were moved on to yarmouth and now the X2 is operated by ALX400's.

Overall Norwich is still a great place for buses with now an even wider varity of buses, both in age from old to new and in type from Single Deck to Double Deck to Bendy-Bus.

The future for Norwich buses.... 2012

Next we are still to see more changes, the Konect Bendy-Buses will be placed in their livery's, and the newly branded Enviro400's for Konectbuses 8 Service will placed into service at the start of Next Year. There are no changes planed ahead for the First buses in Norwich as yet. And Anglianbus might order some more new buses for Rackheath (Fingers crossed for that one!!!)

Finally, thanks to every one who has followed and supported the Blog! I have furally enjoyed reporting activity on this blog and photographing the buses, and I look forward to continuing that in 2012.


  1. You mention the X2 breakdowns, I use this route regularly to work and back and believe me there was more than a few breakdowns. Of the two buses I caught each day there was at least one breakdown each week. They were absolutely terrible - I could never guarantee the time I would get to work or get back home. The change to the ALX400 has improved matters somewhat

  2. Hi, I didnt know thr Presidents broke that frequently! Its a good job their replaced by the ALX400's. I belive they are more reliable. Exleast you wil get to work on time now.


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