Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sightings Update

So far this week I have monitored quite alot of Bus activity, below includes: Anglianbus, Swift Taxis, OurBus, First Eastern Counties.


Versa 411 AU08DKL has returned to the A47 after quite along period with the 123.
Also on the A47 is AU08DKN, AN61BUS, YJ06FZK.

Swift Taxis

Dart 137 FJ53VDL was seen on the 206 dropping of passengers in Blofield from Great Yarmouth.


Beaver SF54OUY on the 292 Wroxham Bus Service.

First Eastern Counties

Eclipses / Solars WX55TZW, AU05DMF & SN51UYH has been on the 17/A.

X1 Update

AU58ECX noted coming Yarmouth heading for Peterborough via Norwich.

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