Wednesday, 1 February 2012

End of January Round Up


Anglianbus have been using Excel X228WRA, Scanias  R82EMB & AN61BUS, Versas AU08DKL & AU08DKN on the A47.

Solos AO57BDY, YN57HRA & YJ51XSM on the 124.

First Eastern Counties

The Wright Axcess are slowly squeezing their way back in to service in Norwich, S566TPW, S567TPW, S571TPW, S573TPW,  R259DVF and R260DVF have all been sighted in service on 12/A & 17/A. The Eclipses and Solars are still present SN51UYG & WX55TZM were noted on service 17 in Bofield Heath.

Other Notes

OurBus F339HWF put in an appearance in Blofield probably on School duties.

Smiths Coaches of Blofield FN02HGY passed through Blofield Heath on Service 8 taking Blofield, Wroxham & South Walsham to Lowetoft... I think.

Norse Group Y335YUT passed through South Walsham frequently this week on Service 2.

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