Friday, 22 June 2012

Anglianbus HQ Visit continued...

More from the EATM event from Anglians Headquarters in Beccles.

                                             MX53FDP was the closet in a long line up.

                                                  Versa, AU11EPF was on show at the depot.

Scania Omnilinks YT11LVE, YT11LVF and YN07EZB were seen.

Solos YT51EBF & AU54ENY were seen.
AU54ENY is still in Anglians older stripes livery.

Ex London Tridents X251NNO, X309NNO, X384NNO & V161MEV were presnt.

X384NNO was next to P104OLX in the Line up.

Hedingham loan V250BNV (as previisly posted) in maintenance.

The Front panel of this Dart had been removed.

One of Anglians oldest vehicles HIL5679 was seen.

Dennis Javlein 784EYB which is usually used on
School services was in a long line up of Anglians larger vehicles.

Another Hedignham loan P104OLX was next to Optare Excel X228WRA.
400 X228WRA appears to have been transferred over from Rackheath! Probably to make way for the new buses scheduled to be delivered soon!

Another line up was of three Anglians smaller vehicles, Streetlite MX60GXA & Solos, AU54EOA & AU08GLY

Two beavers V380HGG & AO02LVC. Currently acting as spares.

Last but not least Konectbus loan V203ENU was present at the Anglian depot. The Excel had previously been withdrawn from Konect services for a couple of months prior to going on loan to Anglian Bus. Anglian Bus will be the very last company it will be in service with as when The new Eco buses for Anglian arrive it will be scraped.

Many Thanks to Stefan Carter for the pictures.

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