Saturday, 23 June 2012

Latest Eclipse Arrival for FirstEC

Photo Courtesy of Kerian Smith!
First Eastern Counties in Norwich have taken delivery of another Ex First Northamton Volvo Wright Eclipse. MV02VCW is the third in the batch so far, the other two being MV02VCZ & MV02VBZ. First Northampton have so far taken delivery of two Ex Norwich S - Reg Scanias in exchange, they are S567TPW & S572TPW. Its rumored that 25 Eclsipses should be coming all together from Northampton!
MV02VCW was on the 29 Taverham service Today. (23rd June).


  1. This afternoon (28/6/12) the following buses were at work in Northampton - 65559/ 60/ 65/ 67/ 68 / 72/ 80/ 87. Needless to say we are not overjoyed by having our buses replaced by four or five year older vehicles.

  2. Hi Alan, I Don't suppose you are happy to be getting less reliable vehicles! MV02VBZ, MV02VCZ, MV02VCW & MV02VBB are currently here to my knowledge.

  3. Could this all be down to the proposed sale of the Northampton operation?
    On another note do you have theinfo of the fleet transferred to Norfolk Green from First Kings Lynn?

  4. Probably, there's been a lot of rumors of First pulling out of Northampton, which is why we are getting the better buses. And no sorry I don't have any info on that.


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