Friday, 27 July 2012

First Eastern Counties - End of month update

Alot of changes have happened across First's Eastern Counties network through out July.
SN51UYE in Service with First Norwich
earlier this year

There have been alot of transfers to Ipswich for the bus war.
Four Ex Norwich Solars have been transferred to Ipswich, they are:

65672 SN51UYE
65673 SN51UYG
65674 SN51UYH
65675 SN51UYJ
Seven of Norwich's Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse-Urban's have also been to Ipswich. They are:

69005 AU05DME
AU05DME in Service with First Norwich
earlier this year
69006 AU05DMF
69007 AU05DMO
69008 AU05DMV
69009 AU05DMX
69010 AU05DMY
60911 AU05DMZ
Wright Solar 65690 YS03ZKK has been sent down from First Essex for Ipswich

Two Volvo B10BLE Wright Renown's have been transferred from Great Yarmouth to Norwich, they are:

60807 S658RNA
60808 S659RNA

First Great Yarmouth's Volvo 66165 W365EOW has been transferred to First Essex.

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