Saturday, 7 July 2012

First Eastern Counties Fleet Update - July 2012

The Latest news on the Wright Eclipses First Eastern Counties are receiving from First Northampton.

The eclipses currently confirmed to have arrived from Northampton are:
MV02VCN on Service 13 in Norwich. Thanks to Kieran

The full list of 26 buses Norwich are receiving from Northampton:

61148 MV02VBU
66301 KV02VVC
66324 MV02VAX
66325 MV02VAY
66326 MV02VBA                                                    
MV02VBZ seen in Norwich today on 13. Thanks to Kieran
66327 MV02VBB
66328 MV02VBC
66329 MV02VBD
66330 MV02VBE
66332 MV02VBX
66333 MV02VBY
66334 MV02VBZ
66335 MV02VCA
66336 MV02VCC
66337 MV02VCM
66338 MV02VCN
66339 MV02VCO
66340 MV02VCP
66341 MV02VCT
66342 MV02VCU
66343 MV02VCW
66344 MV02VCX
66345 MV02VCY
66346 MV02VCZ
66347 MV02VDA
66348 MV02VDC

The scainas leaving Eastern Counties:

65554 R554CNG
65556 R556CNG
65559 R259DVF
65560 R260DVF
65561 R261DVF
65562 R262DVF
65563 R263DVF
65564 R264DVF
65565 S565TPW
65566 S566TPW                                                                  
65567 S567TPW                                                          
S6566TPW one of the scanias leaving Norwich for Northampton.
65568 S568TPW
65571 S571TPW
65572 S572TPW
65573 S573TPW
65574 S574TPW
65575 T575JNG
65577 T577JNG
65578 T578JNG
65579 T579JNG
65580 T580JNG
65586 V586DVF
65587 V587DVF

The idea behind this exchange is to make Firsts operation in Norwich Scania free. The remaining darts in Norwich will probably end up in either Essex, Lowestoft or Ipswich.

SN51UYH on service 17A in Norwich
First Eastern Counties in Ipswich are surprisingly taking part in this exchange, their loosing some of their old scanias to Northampton to receive Norwichs Scania Wright Solars.

The list of Solars FirstEC Ipswich are receiving:

65672 SN51UYE
65673 SN51UYG
65674 SN51UYH
65675 SN51UYJ

Norwich received these Solars last year from First Essex.


  1. Hi just a small correction to the Scania's leaving 65579 is not on the list of Scania's to go,also the Solars, Norwich never got the full complement of Solars from Essex,two were missing 65676 65677

  2. Hi Jim, Thanks for the info! i thought all the older scanias were going to Northampton? I thought those to Solars were staying at essex, or they now going to Ipswich to join the rest of the batch?

  3. 66301 has the registration KV 02 VVC and was new to Leicester where as the rest were new to Manchester for the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and tranferred to Northampton after the games.

  4. Please don't send Ipswich any more darts I beg you!!! I was told by an Ipswich driver last week that all our darts will be gone by the end of the year.

  5. Can also confirm the Scanias to leave Ipswich are 65557/8 and 65569/70

  6. I know im sorry. But First want to make Norwich completley Volvo Eclipse operated, A Dennis & Scania free operation. It is a shame because I do like the Darts! I thought a few of them were going to Lowestoft?

  7. Thanks for the Extra info! Theres been alot of rumours of First pulling out of Ipswich because of the competion with Ipswich buses! So we will probably get some Darts and Scanias back!

  8. A bus war is starting in Ipswich soon!! FEC are starting some new routes from 29th July in direct competition with IB, who some 3 weeks later are creating some more new routes themselves. IB have bought 5 ex London darts, while FEC are rumoured to be getting new vehicles and painting 4 of the ex P&R Volvos into the new silver.

    Also rumoured today is Ipswich to get the remaining AU05 B7's after the Olympics. We shall see.

  9. Hi, Do you mean the AU05DM_ B7L's?

  10. No, I am led to believe it will be the AU05MU_ deckers as my source said "the REST of the AU05 B7's", and the only one we have is 32683, so I read that to mean the deckers. I hope it is! But we hear many rumours down here that never come to fruition. What i can tell you is 34610 a lovely old Olympian which has been a guest here covering for 32494 while it's roof is repaired is returning to Clacton tomorrow (saturday). Glad to have found this site and like what I see!

  11. Thanks steve, It would be nice to have more Olympians round here. The AU05DM_ Volvo B7's have gone to Ipswich.

  12. How many of the 05 B7's are coming? Also saw today 65690 - sorry didn't get the numberplate but is 03 reg on the 63's. Is that ex Norwich too?

  13. Hi Steve, there are Seven 05 Reg B7's coming from Norwich to Ipswich altogether. The 03 Reg Scania is YS03ZKK and that comes from First Essex.

  14. Thanks. have seen 4 of them but no sign of 69006/10/11 yet. Interestingly they are not being used exclusively on the new routes in ipswich but on the longer routes - thank God!! ( I live on the 63/4!!)

  15. No 69006/10/11 at ipswich i'm afraid we are only getting 69005/7-9

  16. Thanks, Clive - already a regular visitor!!


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