Tuesday, 10 July 2012

First Roudtree way visit

A Dennis Trident Plaxton President 33058 LN51GJK was present at First Eastern Counties Norwich Roundtree way depot today. It was appears to be halfway through a repaint in a red & white livery after being fire damaged.

33006 was also Fire Damaged but was scrapped.

In other news, Two more B7L Eclipses from Northampton were noted in service today, MV02VBU & MV02VCU.

My Thanks to Kieran for the info & pictures used in this post.


  1. I read somewhere that FEC was going to open a new depot in Lansdowne Road (planned for 2010) and that the Roundtree Way depot was going to close, did the plans change or did the Lansdowne Road depot open and Roundtree Way stay open as well?

  2. Lansdowne road opened a couple of years ago, nowhere closed

  3. This just went past on the 28 ;)

  4. Lansdowne is near Norse, isn't it?

  5. There is a Norse depot at Lansdowne I believe

  6. Yeah, I looked it up :)


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