Thursday, 19 July 2012

Where are they now? ~ Swift Coaches 2011 Auction

A special edition in the "Where are they now?" series looking at where some of the 10 buses Swift Taxis sold in August 2011 in an auction, most of the buses have now been found with their new owners.

Photo Courtesy of Ron (GHA Coach enthuistst Flickr Stream)
Volvo B10M Jonckheere M735KJU is with GHA Coaches in Wrexham.

M735KJU was new to Veolia Group / Dunn Line.

Scania L94UB WJI8928 (Formerly G881VNA) is with Black & White Coaches in Southampton.

G881VNA was new to K Matt Coaches of Chadderton. 

Photo Courtesy of Mark Kirk
Dennis Dart SLF Caetano Compass S511XCR is now in service with Shaws of Maxey.

S511XCR was new to Amza / Travel Royall.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Cooper

Dennis Javelin / UVG R334RCJ is now with Tees Valley Coaches in Eaglescliffe near Middlesborough.

R334RCJ was new to Whittle Coaches, and was sold to Amza in 2004.

Plaxton Paramount K264SSD is suspected to have been scraped.

K264SSD has also seen service with Longmynd Coaches.

Swift Coaches still haven't found a buyer for their Volvo B12T Jonckheere Monaco Double-Decker SE51DZV. Click Here for more info.

Many Thanks to All the people on Flickr for allowing me to use their pictures.