Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thursday Round-Up

Anglianbus Dennis Plaxton CSK282 made an appearance on the 124 today! On the 10:03 from South Walsham, which made a nice change considering its usually a Solo dominated route. Unfortunately I was completely unequipped to take a picture. Regular 309 AU07KMM was working alongside CSK282 on the 124.

Konectbus 801 BD57WCY was noted on the 10 with its Brand new Vinyls finally applied.

FirstEC,  MV02VBB was on the 17, MV02VBO on the 14. All Eclipses are from First Northampton are thought to have arrived now.

Also Ex First Norwich Solar SN51UYG has been sent to First Ipswich for the bus war over Ipswich. FirstEC & Ipswich buses fighting over the territory!
It is the first of the four expected to to be transferred.

Finally, Plaxton President LT52WVJ was on 24A linking Thorpe St Andrew & Sainsbury's with the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital.

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