Thursday, 23 August 2012

Konectbus & Dereham Depot news

Ex-Oxford Bus Company Irizar Century.
Among the buses being stored at Konect.
Regualr correspondet Kieran Smith reports that GoAheads Konectbus based in Dereham is set to reive 12 Coaches for storage. This means big changes to their depot in Dereham.  The main garage is going to be taken down, a piece of land with a longer garage style building has been brought which looks long enough to fit a bendy in. (Next door, not Dereham Coachways the other side.) This means there'll be more room for buses so the overspill depot will be disposed of. 

The First Bendy Bus fully liveried for Norwich Costessey Park & Ride was present at the Depot yesterday!
And they if this on anything to go by they look fantastic! 

Complete with Branding, 
City Centre - UEA Costessey

Plus the rear add which adorns most of Norwich Park & Ride buses, advertising the Park & Ride sites and Fares. 

One of the other Green Konect Bendys, BX54UEA was out in Service today!
 And BX54UDK will return from Hants Dorsets trim some time this week.

Bendy in Standard Konect livery BD57WCY was present at the Depot.

Konectbuses neighnour, Dereham Cochways, had some Coaches present at Tesco on ''Tesco Free Bus duties''. 

Joneckheere J861WFF was resting between duites.

Alongside Mercedes Benz AutoBus, FY52GOK.

Many Thanks to Kieran for the Report and Excellent pictures!

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