Thursday, 9 August 2012

Wroxham sightings

Sanders ServiceS YJ07JSV was sighted outside Roys Store.
It is one of two aquired earlier this year from Arriva West Yorkshire.

First EC MV02VCZ Ecipse was on the 12 to Norwich City Centre.

Chet Taxis N782ORY Toyota Coaster was seen passing through Wroxham.

West End Travel / Bryan A. Garratt, Bova Futura T123APT was seen at Wroxham.
Kieran says: ''This driver stopped here with his hazards on and later dropped off passengers in the bus stop further along the road, he then drove towards Norwich and came back again to here, I think he was looking for the coach park.''

JMB Coaches Scania Irizar YT12RNA was seen at Wroxham Broads.

Britannia Coaches Plaxton Premiere TUI 1645 was also at Wroxham Broads.

 Moffatt and Williamson Volvo B12M Plaxton Panther BSK 789 was Seen at Wroxham Broads Tours Coach Park.

Many Thanks to Kieran for the excellent pictures.


  1. Sanders purchased four Centros; YJ07JSU, YJ07JSV, YJ07JSX, YJ07JSY

  2. I didnt realise there was four!!!! I heard there was two =D

  3. I thought there was two, but researching on Flickr it does seem that four were purchased. Thanks for the info George!


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