Saturday, 15 September 2012

Anglianbus Fleet Update - September 2012

 (C) Mark Hodgkinson
Ex Brighton & Hove Tridents T812RFG & T813RFG are now in the Anglianbus Livery looking very smart. and based at the Beccles Depot.

 (C) Mark Hodgkinson
Fellow ex B & H Tridents T811RFG & T815RFG are still in Bright & Hove Livery and are waiting for repaint. 

 (C) Mark Hodgkinson
Scania YN05HFE is at Beccles in a very sorry state after being involved in a head on collusion in Lowestoft as previously reported.

                               (C) Mark Hodgkinson

Ex Metrobus Scania YN03UWL has joined the Anglianbus Fleet to replace YN05HFE, and more are expected to follow. YN03UWL is going to
have to be coverted from a Two Door to a Single Door

Three of the Ex Oxford Bus Company Scania Irizars are now in use at Anglians Beccles Depot, OW03LFN, OW03LFK & OW03LFP will remain all over white with the Anglianbus logo.
The other two Scania Irizars will remain at Beccles as spares. 
(C) Zak Nelson

CSK282 has been running the New 731 Service the last two weeks. From Next Monday (17th Sept) when the new A47/ X47 timetable comes into effect it will ran by same the same buses as them (On the same duty.)

Finally, We always seem to be mentioning this on the blog but, the MAN EcoCity Gas Buses will arrive even later in the year now due to more facilities need to be installed at Anglians Beccles Depot before they can be used in Service.

A huge Thanks goes to Mark Hodgkinson for allowing me to use his fantastic pictures.

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