Sunday, 30 September 2012

First Norwich color branded Network begins...

The New Color Branded Network for First Norwich started last week i another attempt to improve the quality of services around the City. This as the same as the last time First in Norwich tried color branding with 'Overground' several years ago it means lots of rerouting which of course causes confusion.

Alot of people who I have talked to have had the same problem with this New Network, the lack of timetables and notice of these big changes, some people got quite a shock when they arrived at the Caste Meadows to find their buses numbers changed and rerouted, and its not just the passengers confused the drivers are also getting the routes and stop bays mixed up.

There are Five different route colors, Blue, Red, Orange, Turquoise & Green. Plus a White colors branded Norwich Network for spares.

Pink Line
11: Sprowston (Linacre Ave and Tesco)-Norwich-Cringleford Dragonfly Lane-N&N Hospital
11A: Sprowston (Cozens Hardy Road and Tesco)-Norwich-Cringleford (Church) -N&N Hospital
11B: Sprowston (Linacre Ave and Tesco)-Norwich-Cringleford (Church)-N&N Hospital

 12, 12A - Stalham, Wroxham.
14, 14A - Wymondham, Hethersett, Norwich, Wroxham.
15 - Wymondham, Hethersett, Norwich, Lingwood.
15A - Wymondham, Hethersett, Norwich, Blofield Heath.

13, 13A, 13B, 13C - Spixworth, Norwich, Wymondham, Attleborough.

21, 21A, 22 - Old Catton, Norwich, Bowthorpe, UEA or N&N.

 23, 23A - 23B Heartsease, Norwich, Costessey
 24, 24A -Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich, Costessey.

25, 25A, X25 Rail station, Norwich, UEA.

Yellow Line
28: Thorpe Marriott-Drayton-Norwich
29: Taverham-Norwich Direct
29A: Taverham-Hellesdon Mill Corner-Norwich
29B: Taverham-Hellesdon Herucles Road-Norwich

Purple Line
36: Horsford-Hellesdon-Norwich-Long Stratton
37: Hellesdon-Norwich-Mulbarton
37B: Norwich-Lakenham-Mulbarton
38: Ives Road-Norwich
38A: Airport Industrial Estate/Ives Road-Norwich
39: Mile Cross-Norwich

So lets see some pictures the New Network in action! Courtesy of Kieran.

Plaxton Presindent LT02ZCX resting between duties at Castle Meadows on the Pink Line which is a Plaxton President dominated route. 

Plaxton President LK51UZT on the Red Line Service 23B to Costessey Lodge Farm.

Eclipse Gemini 2 BD11CDX on the Blue Line Service 25 to Norwich Railyway Station.

Eclipse Gemini 2 BD11CFU is among the buses wearing the White branding for Norwich Network on Service 28 to Thorpe Marriot with Yellow Line also on the Destination display.

B7L Eclipse MV02VAY another White spare bus filling in for the Turqyuoise Line on 13B to Attleborough.

Optare Solos EO02NEY & EO02NFA are branded for the Purple Line along with many other Optare Solos.

Eclipse Gemini 2 BD11CFZ was on the 25A Blue Line to the UEA.

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