Friday, 28 September 2012

Take a look at my engine!

Anglianbus Scania OmniLink AN61LAN was running the 588 on Tuesday in Woodton from Norwich unaware that its engine lid had opened whilst driving! A car driver stopped the bus to make the driver aware   Contributor Zak Nelson was on hand to photograph it.

(C) Zak Nelson

The Anglian driver stopped for a pose with the open lid.

Many Thanks to Zak Nelson for this rare oddity.


  1. It could've been worse if the driver didn't see the engine lid was open. The lid might've caused damage to other cars following him in an uphill road. Well, I think the engine needs to be checked, as rust could start to accumulate on those sensitive parts of the engine.

    Matha Trotter

  2. Michelina Douglass30 January 2013 at 17:22

    Its good to hear that there are a lot of concerned citizens! I’m curious as to why is that engine lid open? Or was it really left opened unintentionally? Anyway, like Matha said, the engine will eventually start to accumulate rust. If not given the proper attention, it might cause engine trouble.


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