Sunday, 14 October 2012

Konectbus Fleet Update - October 2012

All five of the new Enviro400's for Konectbus services 3/6 have arrived at Konectbus! SN62AVG is the only one currently ready for service the other four are waiting for Vinyls to be applied and ticket machines to be installed.

This time they have the new Konectbus logo vinyls on the express livery instead of the Konect express vinyls. They also have Grey instead of blue which the 8 Service buses had.

The seats as you see from the picture are Purple and blue.

610 SN62AVG should be in service this coming week!

For the record the full list of the New Enviros are:

610 SN62AVG
611 SN62AVO
612 SN62AVR
613 SN62AVY
614 SN62AVZ

In other news, Ex Brighton Hove W822NNJ is in Konectbus livery and has been given fleet number 722. It is not currently ready for service yet as vinyls need to be applied and New Destination Blinds need to be installed.

A Huge Thanks goes to Stefan Carter at Konectbus for the above information and for allowing me to his fantastic pictures

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