Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Let the battle begin!

Bus wars are coming to Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft with the two largest transport operators in the county going head-to-head on some very popular routes.

In the yellow corner (with a little bit of blue for good measure) is Anglian Bus, which has operated services around East Anglia since the 80's.

In the white corner (with a dash of crimson and blue) is First Eastern Counties, which has invaded the City with Colour Coded buses.

Since being acquired by major bus operator The Go-Ahead Group, Anglianbus has been putting up more of a fight against The First Group exscpeily against the X1.

Anglianbus R81 running the A47 Service in Acle
from Great Yarmouth to Norwich in June 2012

 Anglianbus has recently reintroduced the X47 Express Service linking Norwich with Great Yarmouth and Gorleston via Acle, which most of the time is at a  hourly frequency intervals.
The X47 runs in conjunction with the less direct A47 Service providing a thirty minute frequency throughout most of the day and goes Via Brundall & Blofield.

FirstEC S686AAE running a X1 Short Service in Acle
from Great Yarmouth to Norwich in June 2012

In a attempt to combat these new services from the Go-Ahead operator, First Eastern Counties have introduced a frequency increase on its 'X1 shorts' services In addition to the daytime half hourly Lowestoft - Peterborough Service (X1 Express). The new X1 shorts are being merged into the main X1 timetable which will mean extra services from Great Yarmouth at 27 & 57 minutes past the hour and eastbound from Norwich at 10 & 40 minutes past the hour.

The second major competition between the two companies is the new recently announced 146 Service to be operated by Anglianbus from early December which will provide a frequent service between Norwich & Lowestoft which rivals Firsts X2 Service which Anglianbus ran a few years ago. The New 146 Service is expected to be dominated by Anglians new MAN EcoCity gas buses which will be arriving in the next few weeks. This will definitely side the competition Anglians way with the appeal of new stylish buses and also that they are friendly to the environment.

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