Sunday, 14 October 2012

Norwich sightings - Saturday 13th October 2012

The New First Norwich network has being in operation for nearly a month now and already signs of mixed up baned buses even with having a substantial amount of unbranded buses that can be freely used on any routes without any confusion. 
Volvo MV02VBE was demonstrating this with being branded for the Purple Line but instead was running the Green Line on Service 14 to Wroxham.

First Dart R459BNG (unbranded) was running the Puple Line 39 to Lakenham, would it not make more sense to put this on Green Line and have MV02VBE on the Purple Line it seems like alot less confusion for the passengers.

MV02VBA was on the Green Line to Stalham. The Green Line also serves Wroxham, Brundall, Blofield and Lingwood.

Anglianbus Scania YN07LFU was on the 588 still with Destination Display faults, showing ''Bungay Via Porringland" so there was a card on the windows showing "588". This bus was noted on the 601 in Yarmouth the other week with destination not showing the servce number.

Anglianbus Rackheaths depot latest arrival was on the 123 still in Metrobus red livery and Metrobus vinyls and is also waiting new Desitination Display. The Anglianbus 123 Service has been proven even more popular in recent weeks! 

Norfolk Greens X29 Service must be growing in popularity due to Double Decker buses being employed on the service alot more often.

SN12EHM was seen at Norwich Bus Station loading up to do a return.

Norfolk Green LV52HHP, left Norwich at 16:15 on the X29, it still has Stagecoach interior and fleet number 17605 in the inside.

Norse PN03ULT was on 603 Airport Park & Ride duties  Like many Plaxton Presidents in Norwich both First & Norse are starting to shows that they are Ex London General buses.

Many Thanks to Kieran Smith for the regular updates and pictures. All images are copyright to him.

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