Monday, 8 October 2012

Trouble on the buses!

Regular readers of this blog will know that I regularly monitor the bus Activity of South Walsham, and today saw Anglianbus Scania R82EMB brake down on 731 Service duties.

Out of per luck I was able to witness the Scanias engine over heating and then stopping at a junction and Reynolds Coaches 221WPH trying to turn into the road that R82EMB was dominating, moments before the Anglian Fleet Support van arriving. To further add to the hassle Norse Y326YUT then had to reverse behind from thr Anglian scania and van to make more room for 221WPH to get through, eventually Anglianbus CSK282 Dennis Javelin Plaxton came to the rescue to carry on 731 duties then X47.

Later on in the day Anglianbus R82EMB was noted on the X47 in Acle with the same driver so it was quite a fast repair job. This further adds to the issue that the Rackheath depot needs newer buses!

In other news One of Anglians latest arrivals YN03WRP was noted on 601 service duties today in Anglian livery with Anglian logo vinyls applied.

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