Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Swift Visit

Passing through Great Yarmouth Southtown midday yesterday, I took the opportunity to see what buses were at Swift's Southtown Road depot.

I found I line up of four Swift Coaches,
Picture from Left:

136 SJI8127 Dennis Javelin / Neoplan
112 S11WFT Volvo B12B Sunsundegui Sideral
139 BX54VUM BMC Probus 850 - Club
119 G470LVG

Also Swifts only Dart FJ53VDL was being kept hidden by a Swift truck and Minibus YA53OVF at the back of the depot still out of use.

Volvo B12M Jonckheere GLZ3141 was also present at the yard.

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