Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ambassador Travel Depot visit 27/11/12

Zak Nelson and I visited  Ambassadors depot in Great Yarmouth yesterday afternoon only to be denied access to the main site. But lucky S350SET was at the front of the depot at the washers so we were able to get a  picture of that, It had a amusing destination display that reads
"730 Reedharlarmouth" its suppose to say
 730 Reedham Circular.

We then spotted a Yellow and blue Plaxton Paramount at the depot we couldn't see the reg because there was a car in the way so we went back in to the reception where the man told us it was G261UAS, which has a sister, that does the 879 Service alot G262UAS which sports a yellow & black livery.

As we came out of the office Sunsundegui FJ06BPZ had just returned from Just Go! Holiday duties.

We wondered round the public footpath in the hope of being able to picture one of Ambassadors Plaxton Paramounts at the back of the yard and found GLZ1270 sporting its black livery and Ambassador Travel Logo. 

Ambassador Plaxton Premiere FNZ1014 was also seen heading back to its depot.

Also noted was KIG1856, KIG1857, M743KJU, FNZ7761, MX54KYC.

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