Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Anglian MAN EcoCity Update

The first of Go-Ahead Anglians 13 MAN EcoCity buses was used at an event at Dorset where the Price of Whales opened a new renewable Gas plant. The bus was half in Anglians livery and half special livery for Go-Aheads launch.

Go-Ahead's EcoCity buses will come into service during the next two months and will be run by Anglian Bus. Go-Ahead is investing in a gas dispensing unit at Anglian's Beccles headquarters to fuel the buses.

Anglian Managing Director Andrew Pursey was at the event and chatted to the Prince of Wales about Go-Ahead's use of gas buses.

Phil Margrave, Go-Ahead's Group Engineering Director said:"It is good to see our first gas bus playing a supporting role in the launch of such an important development at Poundbury. The new EcoCity buses, obtained through the third round of Green Bus Funding, will reduce the daily cost of running the vehicle by around a third."

Anglian Bus have said that there will be 6 MAN EcoCitys in Anglians special livery ready for running the 146 when the route commences from Monday with more coming in the next couple of weeks.

The MAN EcoCitys are also expected to run the routes 580/1, 588 & 601

The new 146 Timetable is available here

Image and information courtesy of Go-Ahead Media Centre

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