Friday, 2 November 2012

Bus Wars: Norwich, Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft - November Update

The competition between First Group & Go-Ahead Anglianbus intensifies as First get their "new" Single deck Enviro 200's out in Service in Lowestoft just a  few weeks before Anglians MAN EcoCitys arrive.

First Lowestoft ST09JPT running the X22 to Beccles
The Full list of First Lowestofts New Arrivals are:

Some of these have been noticed on services which run in competition with Anglian services around the town
X22 between Lowestoft and Beccles and X2 which will soon run in competition with Anglian 146. The competition their will get very interesting once Anglians 146 starts with the Gas buses.

First Great Yarmouth WV02EUR running a X1 short
to Gorleston James Paget Hospital
Now over to Norwich & Great Yarmouth the Express X1 Services operated by First is still proving very popular to be fair it is a very long route, but alot of the X1 shorts and X1 express are departing from Acle to Great Yarmouth in quick concession leaving the shorts running rather light.

Firsts Caister Road depot has recently taken delivery of two coaches from First Midlands that will run the X1 shorts Norwich to Great Yarmouth Via Acle. N615APU still runs some trips, including Plaxton Presidents and Palantines.

First Plaxton premiere N602APU which previously ran the X1 shorts has been withdrawn and has gone to a scrapping yard at Earith Commercials.

Anglian X386NNO runnig a A47 in Gorleston to Norwich.
The competing Anglian routes A47 & X47 are proving more and more popular by the day. Kevin Atkins reports that he got on a Scania OmniCity running the A47 in Acle to get to Great Yarmouth Saturday last, and it was completely full.

The competition between these routes will  intensify soon as well, as Anglians Rackheath depot that runs the A47/X47 will be getting some newer buses perhaps 11 reg Optare Versas at the start of next year and Firsts X1 is scheduled to get some brand new buses as well. We'll see what unfolds!

My Thanks to Zak Nelson for allowing me to use all the above pictures. All remain Copyright to him.


  1. Bet those Enviro200's won't be healthy much longer. Knowing First they'll keep braking down every 8 minutes :/

  2. Apparently they've already gone for a repaint because they didn't do the new livery properly :D

  3. they've gone in for another repaint?! haha oh dear xD Where do they paint them? I went to Lowestoft Depot yesterday and they didn't have them there :/

  4. Something to do with the Stripes on the back, and the "f" Logo on the front I think, I don't have a clue where they do repaints, it may be Norwich.


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