Sunday, 25 November 2012

Konectbus Fleet Update - December 2012

Konectbus W822NNJ at
Konectbus KQ
(C) Jack
There are once again alot of fleet changes set to take place at Konectbus.

No less than seven Ex Brighton & Hove East Lancs Loylne bodied Dennis Tridents are to be transferred to Konectbus, some have already been transferred see report. Those that have not arrived yet, will be transferred in the next couple of weeks.

The full list of the Tridents (with Konect fleet numbers) are:

F No.   Reg.           Transfer Status
721 -W821NNJ - At Konectbus awaiting repaint from Hedignham Livery.
722- W822NNJ - In Konectbus Livery and in service
723- W823NNJ - In Konectbus Livery and in service
724- W824NNJ - Awaiting transfer to Konectbus.
725- W825NNJ - At Konectbus awaiting repaint from Brighton & Hove Livery.
726- W826NNJ - Awaiting transfer to Konectbus.
727- W827NNJ - Recently arrived at Konectbus HQ and awaiting repaint from B & H Livery

W216PRB on konect service 3 in Norwich
June 2012
Once all of the Tridents have arrived at Konectbus, painted into livery and in service, the remaining few Optare Excels with Konectbus will be transferred to fellow Go-Ahead operator Hedingham Omnibuses in Essex, They are:


V301LGC at Konectbus HQ awaiting transfer
to Chambers
(C) Kieran Smith
The Volvo B7TL Plaxton Presidents will also be leaving the Konectbus fleet, they will be transferred to Go-Ahead Chambers, they are


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