Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Peoplemovers Fuel Theft

Peoplemovers Bova Futura W474RHH
in Service in Norwich
Peoplemovers Coaches were put out of action today after £7,000 worth of fuel was stolen from eight of their buses at their depot in Felthorpe.

The fuel was siphoned from their fleet of coaches in an overnight break-in. This left more than 600 children who rely on the buses ran by the company to get to schools across Norfolk stranded.

The incident affected Six Schools in Norfolk including:

Aylsham High - 3 coaches 
Broadland High - 1 Coach  
Buxton Primary - 1 Coach
Framingham Earl High - 2 Coaches 
Hobart High -  1 Coach

Mark Harvey, Maging Director at Peoplemovers said to ITV Anglia:

"As a company we've obviously made a major loss not just in the fuel costs but obviously we were not able to run any schools this morning so that is a major impact on the school and the education system. We had ten drivers in this morning obviously we have got to pay them for their work for today. We now don't get paid for the school runs that we should have done so that is a major loss as well."
Mr Harvey Said to the EDP:
"We will fight back, and we expect to be out this afternoon to do the school pick-ups. There’s no way we are going to let these people beat us"

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