Friday, 2 November 2012

Swift Coaches Fleet Update - November 2012

Swifts G470LVG & FJ53VDL both haven't appeared to turned a wheel for a few weeks reason behind did not come clear until I visited Swifts Southtown Road depot last week.
Volvo B10M Plaxton Paramount G470LVG had a VOR sign in the window, which means the Vehicle is not available for work due to a Mechanical failure (Not road worthy). Most buses end up being withdrawn after this because they are considered non economical to repair.
It will be sad day for Great Yarmouth when this bus gets withdrawn, G470LVG has served the town for may years stating with Caroline Seagull (Formerly Cobholm Hire Services LTD), the company met its end in 2007 following financial difficulties, giving companys like Swift, Reynolds, OurBus & Amza the chance to expand.
Swift recognized this by calling her the 'Swift Seagull' when she joined the fleet in 2008. (Fingers crossed the bus does get repaired)

FJ53VDL on the other hand is sitting next to G470LVG at the back of Swifts Southtown yard with its rear windows shattered  Swift cant be short of buses due to the fact that they don't appear to be in a rush to get either of these buses back on the road.
It will be a shame to see this bus leave the Swift fleet aswell. Because this bus has seen service in Great Yarnouth for several years now, Starting with Amza running the 730 Reedham & Great Yarmouth Circular Via Acle alongside Dart S511XCR which flew the nest in 2011.
This Dart FJ53VDL joined Swifts fleet along withthe rest of the Amza / Travel Royall buses following Swift acquiring the small South Burlingham based operator in 2009. Up until just recently FJ53VDL has been running the 206 Service on Yarmouth Market Days (Blofield to Great Yarmouth Via South Walsham.)

My Thanks to Roy at the East Norfolk Bus Blog for some of the above information.

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