Saturday, 24 November 2012

This weeks round -up

Anglianbus Stagecoach Exile X386NNO was back on the A47/X47 this week, with some journeys having both the lower deck and top deck full! It also did the 731 Service on Friday.

Anglianbus AU08DKL replaced the Scania OmniCitys on the 731 most of the week.

One of Reynolds Toyoata Caetano coaches up for sale broke down on the A47 in Blofield on Thursday.

Swift Taxis G470LVG still has its VOR Sign, so still wont be back in service for some time and will remain at the Southtown yard. The same goes for FJ53VDL with its damaged rear window.

YN03WRF, One of Anglians new Dual-Door Scania OmniCitys was out in service on the 601 all week alongside YN03WRP.

Ambassador have downsized its 879 Service to use a 53 Seat coach as apposed to a 70 Seat coach, a driver at Ambassador said " we never fill up the 70 so they are giving us this beast of a coach instead!"
The 879 up until now has seen a wide variety of buses including, Sunsundegui FJ06BRF, Plaxton Premieres, Plaxton Paragons & National Express Coaches.

Ambassadors Scania S350SET has returned back to 730 service duties after a short period out of service.

Anglians T815RFG has been noted on 588 Service duties pained in Anglian livery with vinyls and Guards to prevent tree damage.

Finally, we end on a strange note of an Anglian beaver apparently operating the 587 (Porringland to Norwich) in Gorleston??? We expect its on the 830 Service.

Many Thanks to Zak Nelson for most of the pictures used in this post, and the information. All images with ZN branding are copyright to him.

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