Thursday, 8 November 2012

Two Reynolds Caetano Coaches for Disposal

As previously reported here on the Norwich Bus Page back in June of Reynolds of Caister putting up one of their buses for sale on their website a Toyota Caetano Coach 4GL (BIG7756) named Lady Caroline which still hasn't found a new owner! (See Reynolds Caetano Coach for Disposal Report) is now about to be joined by second a Caeatno coach in the form of BIG8781 named Lady Grace a Toyota Caetano Optimo 3GL its now also listed on their website.

Neither BIG8781 or BIG7756 haven't been with Reynolds for that long. There replacements are Volvo B10M Enigma ICZ6697 & Volvo B10M Plaxton Premiere S200VHO ex Kent Top Travel. (See East Norfolk Bus Blog Report )

New Arrival ICZ6697 has been given the name Lady Karen.

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