Friday, 28 December 2012

A visit to Konectbus: December 28th 2012

Today I visited part of the Konectbus depot in Dereham; it was very rainy and very cold, so I only snapped a few pictures.
Newly repainted 721
(c) Kieran Smith
Firstly, were two former Brighton and Hove Dennis Trident/East Lancs Lolynes (W826/7 NNJ) which were numbered 826 and 827 when they were in Brighton. These are due to be repainted and become Konectbus 726 and 727. Another Dennis Tridnet present was 721, which had a short spell at Hedingham Omnibus, this is now in Konectbus livery, however, awaits application of the vinyls.
Three Mercedes Benz Citaros at
Konectbus (c) Kieran Smith

In contrast, I noted two Volvo B7TL/Plaxton Presidents which are due to move to Chambers because of the arrival of the Tridents. This is to replace older step entrance vehicles, which have to be gone by 2017.
Also in the over spill depot 801, 804 and 806. 801 and 804 are in Konectbus livery whereas 805 is in allover green - it is awaiting Park and Ride vinyls.

Finally, was Konectbus' oldest bus, as well as possible the oldest bus in the Go-Ahead group - 152. This is a Leyland National which was sat next to two cannibalised Optare Excels.



  1. 806 already has Vinyls on it. 805 is the only green bendy bus waiting to have Costessey P&R vinyls.

  2. Kieran @ Norwich Bus Page30 December 2012 at 13:52

    Thanks Stefan, the information will be corrected.

  3. 805 will not enter service as it is the wrong green. So needs to be repainted


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