Thursday, 27 December 2012

A visit to Norwich Bus Station: December 27th 2012

Today I visited Norwich Bus Station where, coincidentally, I met fellow Norwich Bus Page blogger Zak. My day brought out some new spots as well as some buses I have many pictures of.
Norwich branded 36168 on the
 X2 and Sanders possibly new acquisition.
(c) Kieran Smith
Defineatley my best new sighting of the day was of First 32655 (AU05 MUY) which has been newly repainted in the new livery, and also with new X2 branding. Also on the X2 today was Norwich based 36166, a blue line branded Wright Gemini 2, this is on loan whilst more of the AU05 Volvo B7TLs are painted into the new livery. On the X1 shorts between Norwich and Great Yarmouth today, First were operating a variety of vehicles. I witnessed a 42448 (Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer), 32204 (Plaxton President) and 20514/5 (Volvo B12M/Plaxton Paragons)

Sanders 109, a newly acquired Dennis Trident
(c) Kieran Smith
Some other new spots came from Sanders. First of which was 109, a newly acquired Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400, which carries branding for the 55 Norwich-North Walsham route.

Another new spot fom Sanders was a DAF SB120/Wright Cadet, which came from J. Fishwick, Zak and I believe this to be a new arrival for the company.

AnglianBus 434 operating the 164 and
Norfolk Green's broken down Enviro
400. (c) Kieran Smith

Also, one of Sanders Plaxton Centros was noted on the 44a. Both of Norfolk Green's Alexander Dennis Enviro400s were on the X29 today, however, 22 broke down the driver who drove the bus to Norwich said that it would not start, the next driver told me that like most Enviro400s, it's having faults and would not start.  When I left at half past three it was still waiting for recovery, despite a mechanic attempting to fix her.

I also realized that loading on Anglian's new 146 service are increasing rapidly; today Scania Omnilink 434 was noted running the service along with MAN Ecocitys 601/606.

Freestones new Irizar i6
(c) Kieran Smith
Konectbus were operating no green park and ride liveried Mercedes Benz Citaros, instead standard liveried 800 and 802 ran the service.
Again, a new spot for me was Freestones new Irizar i6 in Megabus livery, and what a beauty it is!

Unfortunately, I cant fit all my sightings and pictures here. For all of my pictures head to my Flickr site.

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