Monday, 31 December 2012

A visit to Norwich: December 30th 2012

Yesterday, I went into Norwich to take some pictures of buses in the dark, this was a test of my new tri-pod I got for Christmas. I got in the city before it got dark, just in case it didn't work.
My first photo was of YT62 HZX, the new Freestones Irizar i6 which runs Megabus duties. I also noted AnglianBus 309 on the 123 and Konectbus 611 on the 4A. As it began to get a bit dark, I photo'd the second new livery First Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400.
As it was a Sunday, I didn't get many dark pictures, but I did learn that a tri-pod works!
First 61148 at Norwich Bus Station
(c) Kieran Smith

A Sanders Optare Solo at Norwich Bus Station.
(c) Kieran Smith

Sanders former Menzies Scania Omnicity.

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