Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Anglianbus MAN EcoCitys in Service ~ Photo Exclusive

Anglian buses new MAN EcoCity Gas buses have been out in service on the 146 since their launch yesterday, and thanks to Zak & Chris we have pictures!

WX62HHP is pictured by Chris heading for Lowestoft Bus Station a few hours after being launched yesterday.

604 WX62HHE was at Lowestoft heading Norwich Bound on the day of the launch.

Zak pictured 603 WX62HHF making a late evening return to Lowestoft last night.

As previously reported in the Article: Anglianbus MAN EcoCity Gas Bus Launch
they all have different side branding showing how economical they are:

601 WX62HHP says ultra low carbon bus
602 WX62HGU says 96% less emissions
603 WX62HHF says running on 100% biogas
604 WX62HHE says 96% less emissions
605 WX62HGG says ultra low carbon bus
606 WX62HFU says running on 100% biogas

Anglians New Gas Bus Guide is very informative on the new buses and is well worth a look.

Click Here to View the New Anglianbus 146 Timetable.
Many Thanks to Zak & Chris for the pictures used in this article, all are copyright to their respective owners.

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