Tuesday, 25 December 2012

AnglianBus Visit: Sat 22nd

I visited Anglian's depot in Beccles on Saturday to retrieve my wallet one of their drivers kindly picked up as I left it on the bus the previous night.
On the way, I noticed YT11 LVE working the 146. When I arrived at the depot, I found two MAN EcoCitys sat in the yard. WX62 HHE and WX62 HGG.

I have been informed that one of them had broken down a few days earlier and needed a new part; hence the Scania's presence on the route.
Optare Excel X228 WRA was also present. I have been informed that this may be relocated to Hedingham Buses along with Konect's Excels; most of which have already arrived there.
Earlier in the year, Anglian took delivery of a number of OmniCitys from GoAhead. All but one have been painted into Anglian's livery however still have dual doors. I was rather surprised when I walked to the back of the year to see YN03 WRJ, one of these ex-London buses in Anglian colours and converted to single door! It was yet to recieve decals though and still had the London display screen.

The 2003 Scania Irizars are also set to disappear in the near future. They were transferred from Oxford to Anglian to assist with their recently won school contracts in Suffolk. Suffolk County Council states that all school vehicles must not be over the age of ten. Anglian only had a select handful of coaches and all were definately over ten years old!

On a more personal note, I managed to find the last Trident ALX400 I've been trying to photograph for ages! It was hidden behind three of the ex-Brighton & Hove deckers, one of them still to be painted.



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  1. Still two scanias in red, YN03WRG/WRL both working the past week in Lowestoft


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