Saturday, 8 December 2012

Great Yarmouth buses in the snow

I thought it would be nice to do a post on the Yarmouth buses operating in the snow, which we got in the latter part of the week.Pictures courtesy of Zak Nelson.

Anglianbus 416 R81EMB had a slow journey from Norwich on the A47 on the icy roads, with a completely snow covered destination blind.

Anglianbus AO57HCC top deck front window was almost completely covered in ice as was its destination display.

An unidentified First Great Yarmouth Dart's front was completely covered in snow apart from drivers windscreen. Passengers presumably had no idea where they were going unless they thought the North Pole going by the destination blind.

Anglianbus YT11LVE was loading up for Southwold during a snow shower in Gorleston.

Finally, Reynolds ICZ 6697 was resting in Gorleston on 'Turkeys and Tinsel Holiday Coach Three duties' for Age UK, with Christmas Decorations up.

My Thanks to Zak Nelson for the pictures. All images used in this article are copyright to him.

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