Monday, 31 December 2012

Konect double decker acts as Ambulance

The driver was driving a bus like this when his wife called.
A Norwich driver was dropping off
passengers in Castle Meadow on Saturday when his wife called to tell him his son was having an epiliectic fit. The courageous father phoned up the company and proceeded to rush to his sons aid, in his double decker bus. He said that he can't believe that he managed to fit round the roads that he did. On arriving at the house, a rapid response unit was already present however the ambulance was held up in Wymondham. On hearing this news the driver was advised to take his son to hospital himself so he put his son on the back seat along with his wife and the paramedics and rushed him to hospital, leaving the double decker at the hospital for Konect to come and collect.

For full article, click here.


  1. Show's what a great company Konect are!

  2. Very true mate :D What a great guy that driver is!


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