Sunday, 16 December 2012

OmniLink on 146

Regular contributor, Zak Nelson reports that Anglianbus Scania OmniLink YT11LVF was on the 146 Service on Saturday.

This is a rare working as the six MAN EcoCitys that have arrived so far are enough to run the Service, so their could have been a MAN EcoCity on another service. If anyone has any info please get in touch.


My Thanks to Jimmy and Steve for getting in touch to inform me that an Anglian MAN EcoCity broke down on Thursday the 13th December, and needs a new part. This was obviously one of the vehicles replacing it. And also that this Scaina OmniLink, YT11LVF has also been on the new 164 Service. (Saxmundham to Ipswich via Wickham Market)


  1. That vehicle - 435 - was running on the new 164 all week between Saxmundham and Ipswich. Will see if it returns Monday.

  2. Yes, can confirm 435 back on 164 duties today (Monday)

  3. the 3rd eco gas bus broke down on thurs and is gonna need new part

  4. Many Thanks for the extra info Steve and Jimmy! I have amended the article.


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