Sunday, 20 January 2013

A visit to Norwich: 19th January 2012

I managed to be in the city pretty early yesterday so missed the chaos of buses being extremely delayed due  to winter weather. In terms of activity, it was pretty mundane.
Probably the most notable operation was of Eastons VanHool T8 Alizee DAZ 1400 on the 25, which links many rural villages in the Reepham area with Norwich. This service is normally run by former demonstrator Scania Omnilink YN08 HZX which came from Beestons.
Go-Ahead owned AnglianBus had 211 out on the 123. 211 is a Mercedes Benz O814D Vario/Plaxton Beaver 2 - now one of a few of these buses left in the once Beaver dominated AnglianBus fleet. It arrived in St Stephens Street out of service, the driver then changed the destination screen to display '497     Harleston'. This is a service me and Joe are currently unaware of, plus, there is nothing about it on their website. After leaving to get to the right stop on St Stephens Street it pulled off on the 123 for Wroxham. AnglianBus were running 313 on the 001 and 302 on the 587.
Fellow Go-Ahead subsidiary KonectBus were operating a standard liveried Enviro400 on the Harford Park and Ride. Also, still standing strong are the fleet of now 1 year old Enviro400's operated by KonectBus, in the picture, one from the newer batch is seen being overtaken by one of its younger sister.
Probably the most dominant operator in Norwich is First. First have been operating in Norwich since Eastern Counties got sold by the National Bus Company in the late 90's. Since Tuesday, First services have been severely delays and diverted due to harsh winter weather in the Norwich area. Due to this, many of the wrong branded vehicles have been operating on branded routes, there has been red and green on pink line 11/11A. Yesterday saw the use of single deck 66148, the 11/11A is predominantly a double deck operated route. Another out of the ordinary allocation was President 33168 on the Blue Line, which is normally ran by First now year old Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 2s.

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