Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Anglianbus suppends Services!

The Norwich City Center came to a complete stand still after the huge amounts of snow that hit Norwich in the past 24 hours, with buses getting stuck in queues in and out of city for up to three hours! Anglianbus on the Rackheath depot made the decision to suspend services, A47, X47, 121, 122, 123, 124, 731 & 830 partly because they were running out of buses that were getting lost in the Norwich snow but mainly for passenger safety.

No Anglianbus A47 buses were noted at all in Great Yarmouth between 13:00 and 16:00 due to the Norwich congestion. I phoned up Anglianbus at Rackheath to enquire if their will any more buses to Norwich/Rackheath and the polite man at the office said" We are doing the best we can, but buses are just stuck in the gridlock in Norwich City Centre, and we'll hopefully send out an empty bus from Norwich to do a four o clock run if needed".

ITV Anglia showed viewers pictures of First Norwich buses being pushed by the general public, passengers and fellow drivers alike as they got stuck in the snow.

Their was a rumour that an Anglian A47 bus was involved in an accident in Norwich but there is no more information on that as yet.

Anglianbus are asking their passengers to check with them before making a journey by phoning, checking their snow update website or using Twitter or Facebook. And to only make a journey if it is completely necessary tomorrow.

Of course the First X1 buses were also getting held up, as they had to go through Norwich & North Norfolk which too had very heavy snow showers. When the X1's eventually got through to Great Yarmouth from Norwich they were covered in snow, which looked slightly strange as Great Yarmouth had had hardly any at all.

First have also made the decision to suspend Norwich Services! The X1 will continue to serve Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth & Acle but will skip Norwich due to "poor road conditions." Effective 19:00 hrs

Due to worsening conditions Sanders Coaches made their last return to North Walsham from Great Yarmouth on Service 6 at around 14:00 due to it being deemed unsafe to run services any later than that.

Last Updated: 19:48    15/01/13

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