Thursday, 24 January 2013

Another AnglianBus fire

The second AnglianBus fire in a very short time! Matt Webb contacted me with a link to a story on the Eastern Daily Press website about a fire on an AnglianBus which was believed to be running back to the depot.
A spokesman for Suffolk Police said that it was thought it might have been an electrical or engine problem with the diesel bus. They also said that significant damage had been done to it.
The fire was so bad, the Highways Agency were called to assess damage to the road.

We currently don't know the specific vehicle, all we know is it was diesel powered, single decker bus.

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  1. there was another fire today on x47 had to evacuate

  2. not sure on vehicle, but it was a solo

  3. Hi James, Do you what bus this was please so I can do article on it.


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