Friday, 11 January 2013

Great Yarmouth Sightings

I had a spare half hour in Great Yarmouth on Wednesday, so I took the opportunity to take a look in at the Market Gates.

I found standing opposite Sainsbury’s at the Market Gates entrance a good place to take some pictures.

The first bus I saw was a First Great Yarmouth Plaxton Pointer 2 with a notorious First Dart Black eye on 
Service 5 the Burgh Castle Circular. 

Then a Great Yarmouth based Plaxton Paragon WV02EUP was running a X1 short from Norwich, the driver  must have heading back to the Caister Road depot or going on  a break as he literally changed the destination to “Sorry… “just before I took the picture.

Then another Plaxton Paragon came, this time operated by Ambassador Travel, KIG1856 was on the 600 Free ASDA Circular Service. 

Finally, a third Plaxton Paragon running a X1 short to Norwich came through, in the form of WV02EUR.

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