Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lunchtime in Lowestoft

Thanks to my annual bus pass I won through winning the X2 photo competition, I can now get around to a lot more places than I could before! My day started off with a quick spot of S665 RNA parked in a layby with nobody nearby, on closer inspection, the exhaust system had fallen off the back. Moments later, a service van arrived.

My Tuesdays at college are pretty empty so I took the half an hour trip from Gorleston to Lowestoft on the X1. When I arrived, I noticed two other spotters, cameras in hand so joined them for about an hour before I had to go back to college. It's always nice to see other spotters out and about, and friendly ones at that! My top sightings of the day was Anglian YN03 WRL, still in Metrobus livery working the 601A. I have never before seen that bus out on duty so quickly snapped a shot as it ran past. Both of the newly painted X2s were running and I saw both arrive at the station whilst I was there. Also present were five of the seven Enviro200s in the refreshed First livery. These were a key part of our day as neither me nor the two gentlemen have photographed all seven. 

I have now just 17 of Anglian's fleet left to photograph after managing to photograph 4 today I had not yet previously managed. If I had have got the bus back to college after the one I took, I would have made it five; as I was leaving the station, YJ55 BLX cruised up looking smug as I had again missed my chance. No doubt I will capture it at some point and will definitely be returning to Lowestoft as soon as I can.

All of my photos from the day can be seen on my flickr.


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