Monday, 28 January 2013

MANs at Southtown

I stood at my usual spot outside Swift Taxis Depot on Southtown Road at Great Yarmouth with the intention to picture some of Anglian's New MAN buses which they have recently taken delivery of.

After a week or so of trying to get a picture I finally took one of Anglian's MAN CitySmart Demonstrator WX12EKO on 581 service duties heading Beccles bound. This demonstrator I have noticed has been with Anglian for a little longer than the MAN EcoCity demonstrator WX61FXO which was only with Anglian for a few days, this one has been with Anglian for about two weeks so far confined to 581 & 580 duites.

Also I took what was about my sixth picture of new MAN EcoCity AU62DWN on 601 Service duties to Southwold. It and the other new EcoCitys previously mentioned on the blog are having their liveries worked on, so for the time being are in Anglians standard livery.

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