Thursday, 24 January 2013

Off to Peterborough - Photo Special!

On January 5th, Norwich City Football Club along with many supporters took the short ride out to Peterborough. By this point you may be wondering why i'm blogging about a football match on a bus blog, right? Well, i'm not, so all you football haters can read on!
As always, Sanders offered a wide array of vehicles to transport the hundreds of footie fans to the match. Jamie Armstrong has kindly let us use his pictures of the many vehicles off to the game.

First up is Sanders 904,  a Plaxton Panther bodied Volvo. This was the
vehicle providing transport to the disabled supporters.

A similarly bodied Volvo was this Plaxton Profile bodied Volvo B7R.

CT05 LCT (805) is fitted with a wheelchair lift.

More and more Plaxton bodied Volvos are entering the Sanders fleet, this is
a Paragon bodied B12M.

Also providing transport on the day was one of Eastons striking Bova Magiqs.
Unfortunately, we are unable to post all the photos taken by Jamie, instead check out is flickr site.
Another massive thanks has to go to Jamie Armstrong for supplying the photos!

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