Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Swift Lark to fly the Nest...

I have been in touch with The General Manager of Swift Taxis, Kevin Boyne to find out what the situation with their Dart FJ53VDL is, which has been occupying the same space at the back of Swifts Southtown Road depot for months now with out turning a wheel.

He told me that it is to be sold for scrap or repairs, which is a huge shame but there we go.

The bus has previously two owners so far, them being Amza and Swift.

Swift acquired FJ53VDL when they acquired Amza / Travel Royall's contracts and buses in 2009.

While at Swift it generally done the same duites as it did with Amza, them being mainly the 29 Service to Wroxham, the 206 to Great Yarmouth, Bus 10, Bus TR1-TR4 & the TR14 Service.

Also it carried the name 'Swift Lark' and Fleet Number 137.

I can remember Amza having to pay alot of money on parts to repair this bus in 2007, but I can remember enjoying alot of journeys on this bus.

This comes not long after long time Great Yarmouth Resident G470LVG was sold as scrap or repairs to a local bus enthuistast for preserve.

Fingers crossed a enthuistast comes to save this bus, as this had its fair share of time at Great Yarmouth.

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