Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Two more MAN EcoCity's entered service today....

610 - AU62 DWC
I was informed that AnglianBus sent two more MAN EcoCity's into service on the 588 today. I left college early in the hope of getting to Norwich to take some photos. I was very surprised to see 610 - AU62 DWC, one of the buses expected to be used on the 588, working the 146 in Lowestoft around lunch time.
I did not see the other gas bus that was supposed to be used on the 588, I only saw the usual Scanias, single deck and double deckers. The whereabouts and registration of 608 is still unknown.
I would also like to report that Anglian's R81EMB and R82EMB have not yet been withdrawn, I saw one working today in Gorleston.

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